NASA maps show these beautiful but terrifying aerosol clouds surrounding the earth


This image released by NASA has shown the massive clouds surrounding the earth. These images were taken by NASA’s number of satellites. These clouds are made of tiny particles which have covered Earth. These are aerosols clouds, which are made of Sea salts, simple dust and black carbon particles. The sea salt aerosols are shown in the colour blue, purple colour shows simple dust and the red one shows black carbon particles. These black carbon aerosols are dangerous and are responsible for the increasing rate of diseases growing in humans.

These clouds are thousands of kilometres from the Earth’s surface. But weather changes can push these clouds downwards to the Earth’s surface causing problems for those who have respiratory illness and decreasing the quality of air. A version of NASA’s model which is called as GEOS FP – Goddard Earth Observing System Forward Processing provides a similar view of the particles which are dancing and swirling in the atmosphere. To make the visualization more clear, NASA also included a layer of night light data from the day-night of VIIRS – Visible infrared imaging radiometer suite. The result which was received at the end shows the reality of the physical processes and problems that are currently being experienced by the earth.

Though this map has a gorgeous representation of colours it should not be taken lightly as the map can be a warning of urgency. There are a lot of activities in the environment such as cyclones, fires, increasing sea levels and extreme heat are the growing impacts of global warming which needs to be controlled.

Lisa Adams

Lisa is an independent writer and former social policy researcher. She writes on food, agriculture and geopolitics As a reporter for WNL, Lisa covers science and environmental stories.. Originally from the UK, Lisa has spent many years in India where she has written for various publications, most notably the Bangalore-based Deccan Herald for 10 years.

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