A new study has shown that fishes can also count, a secret which helps them to survive in harsh conditions


Humans are considered one of the smartest of the animal kingdom, the fishes are considered least mentally provided. But, the new research has provided an idea that might change our views on the mental abilities of the fishes. A recent study which was done on angelfish helped in testing the ability of these fishes to count which is an attribute to evolve intelligence of some species. Counting is considered one of the most important mental attribute for survival which is used by the brain to navigate the world around us. Counting is the attribute which allows the individuals to access social groups or to be certain that there is an abundance of food. But counting is considered to be the factor of smart animals with bigger brain size and a higher level of consciousness.

This study has shown evidence of the quality of aquatic animals that they may process the numbers in the same way that human beings do. In the research, the fish has always chosen the large bundle of food present. The concept of fishes can count is not exactly new, fishes have shown the ability to choose between the sizes of shoals to be protected from the attack of the larger fishes. The choice of the larger bundles of food has shown that the fish is aware of eating less or more from the perspective of surviving. This study has definitely helped the fishes to lift ahead in intelligence hierarchy which has assured the skills of fishes to survive in harsh environments.

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