Steve the “Aurora” is an imposter, it is not what we thought it to be


The new type of Aurora which was developed earlier this year, which was name as STEVE is no aurora at all. Physicists have said that Steve which was considered to be aurora is an entirely new celestial phenomenon. Steve manifests a beautifully glowing purple light across the sky it has been present for a very long time. It was known to photographers as well as the aurora chasers and it came to the attention of the scientists in the year 2016. The name of the aurora was suggested by Alberta Aurora Chasers, which was later confirmed by scientists as it was officially named it strong thermal emission velocity enhancement (STEVE).

Researchers thought Steve to be a new kind of Aurora when it emitted purple and white streamers which were different from shimmering green streamers. But it is observed that the lights which are emerging from Steve are not the same as the lights which are being produced by an aurora. An aurora is formed by solar winds which interacts with protons and electrons. These charged particles fall into the ionosphere which travels to the planet’s field lines towards poles where they appear as colourful lights.

The team of researchers focused on the rain of the steve event, which was not the case. No colourful lights emerged. Researchers now know a very little about the same and for now, it is named as “skyglow” and the researchers are trying to find out more about the same. The researchers are on the steps to find out about the true story behind steve.

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