Bitcoin theft in Korea, the price of the US dollar fell


Hackers have stolen almost one-third of the Kryptokrisee bitquine in South Korea market. This is what a Kryptonian Exchange of South Korea said After this announcement, BitQuinn has reached its lowest level in two months. Quinerell said on Monday that hackers carried out the theft of cryptocycrition at the end of the week by Pundi X, Aston and NPER.

Quineral has not confirmed the amount of theft, but according to market sources, the cost quote of 40 billion von ($ 3.7 million) has gone missing. If the amount being told is true, then it will be the biggest theft in the Kriptokrissi thieves recorded in South Korea till date.

According to Quinidas, the bactericidal price monitor, Bitcoin was priced at $ 6,780 on Monday, while the price was $ 7,500 in the preceding week of the theft.

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