Zoid Research:Nifty closes at 10593.15 downward -35.35 on 5 June 2018

Nifty 5 june 2018

Nifty shows downward movement of 35.35 points and closes at 10593.15

Nifty 50 Closed at 10593.15  i.e. 35.35 (0.33%) below

Bank Nifty Closed at 26,251.00  i.e. below 6.55

Total Number of Positive Scripts were 15 (30% scripts were positive)

Total Number of Negative Scripts were 35 (70% scripts were negative)

Top Gainers on 5th June are

Cipla (4.11%)

Bajaj Finance (1.83%)

Tata Steel  (1.05%)

HDFC Bank  (0.85%)

HDFC (0.83%)

Top Looser on 5th June are

Zee Ent. (2.84%)

Coal India Ltd (2.51%)

Ibull HousingFin (2.47%)

Titan Company (2.42%)

Bharti Airtel (2.15%)

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