Police shot dead a knife in Berlin

Police shot dead a knife in Berlin

In Germany’s capital Berlin, the police officer shot a person with a knife in the foot of the church, causing him to be injured. However, the police denied the possibility that the attacker had any terrorist motive.

At the time of this incident, about 100 people were inside the church and before the police officers reached the spot, the staff of the staff put them out safely. On getting information about the presence of a suspected knife person, the police officers siege at the entrances of the church.

Police tweeted, “At local time, after four o’clock in the evening, the police shot at a rowdy man in Berlin’s church.” The police said that a knife was shot on the person’s foot.

The person who shot at the foot of the police, has been identified as an Austrian citizen. His age is being described as 53 years. A police officer was also injured in this incident.

The suspected assailant and the injured policeman have been admitted to the hospital, where they are undergoing treatment. According to eyewitnesses, this person was looking ‘confused’ and was making a ruckus.

Earlier in April, an attacker in Germany’s Munster crushed the crowd from the van, in which at least three people died and more than 20 were injured. The attacker targeted his people on the busy road. The assailant also committed suicide after crushing people in the crowded area of ​​the van.

In addition, there was a terrorist attack in the truck in Berlin in December 2016. In this 12 people lost their lives, while many were injured. Actually, the terrorists have changed their way of attack. The terrorists have drawn a new way of killing people by attacking the knife and vehicle in the crowded area.

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