Trump said – meeting with Kim Jong to 12

Trump said - meeting with Kim Jong to 12

US President Donald Trump has finally agreed to meet North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un after all the turmoil. Now both the leaders will meet at the pre-determined time and place i.e. Trump and Kim meet on June 12 in Singapore. This will be the first time when both leaders will meet each other.

American President Donald Trump confirmed this after meeting with North Korean senior officer Kim Yong Chol in the White House. It is being told that North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un sent a letter to Trump through Kim Yong Chol, who, after reading, agreed to meet Kim at a pre-determined time in Singapore.

Shortly after leaving Kim Yong Chol’s White House, Trump said, “We are going to meet with Kim Jong on June 12 (in Singapore). This will be a successful process in the end. ‘

He said, “I will travel to Singapore on June 12. The relationship is going on. That would be a start. I have never said that it will be in a meeting. I think we will have very positive results in a meeting. “The US President said,” The big deal will be on June 12. The process will start in Singapore on June 12.

Earlier, he had refused to meet on June 12 in Singapore by writing a letter to Kim Jong. The whole world was shocked by this, sitting in the hope of meeting both of them. Many of its countries had also made strong criticism. Although North Korea took up the patience and started diplomatic negotiations to restore the meeting.

In this connection, Kim sent North Korea’s senior officer Kim Yong Chol to the United States as its ambassador. Kim Yong Chol met American Secretary of State Mike Pompeii and after meeting with American President Donald Trump after reaching the White House. During this time, he handed Kim’s letter to Trump and gave North Korea the favor of negotiations.

On this, Trump got ready to meet Kim on June 12 in Singapore and announced it immediately. When the North Korean senior official arrives in the US, he is looking forward to the whole world. Before meeting with Trump, he met several US officials and finally tried to paint the game.

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