Blast in Canada’s Bombay Bhel restaurant, 18 injured, 2 suspects seen in CCTV

Blast in Canada's Bombay Bhel restaurant,

Blasted in an Indian restaurant in Ontario, Canada. The reason for the blast has not been ascertained yet, but dozens of people are reported to be injured. Most of the people in the restaurant were dining at the time of the blast. More than 18 people are reported to be injured in the blast.

In the Mississauga, Ontario, on Thursday night, there was a blast in the Bombay Bhel restaurant near 10.30 local time. The city of Ontario is located in the south of Toronto. Officials say the reasons for the explosion are yet to be ascertained. The local administration sent the bomb squad to the spot.

The police have said in their statement that two suspects have been found at the scene, by which the IED is being blasted within the restaurant. Their address is from CCTV. The injured have been admitted to the local hospital and severely injured people in the Trama Center in Toronto.

Police said that two suspected blasts left immediately after the blast. The worn of both suspects is almost identical. One of these is 5 feet 10 inch male, whose age is looking around 20 years. She is wearing a head covering jacket with dark blue jeans. He has a baseball cap on his head and he has covered his face with a black cloth.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted that the Indian government is in constant touch with its Council General and High Commission in Canada on the blast in Indian restaurant. Every possible step is being taken to help the victims. He also shared Emergency numbers- + 1-647-668-4108.

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