North Korea ‘Mauled’ Nuclear Test Tunnels

North Korea 'Mauled' Nuclear Test Tunnels

North Korea has demolished the tunnels in its single nuclear test site.

It is being told that North Korea has taken this step to ease tension in the Korean Peninsula.

Many foreign journalists present near the nuclear test site say they have seen a major explosion.

North Korea had already said that ‘technical steps’ will be taken between 23 and 25 May to destroy the nuclear test site.

North Korea recently offered to destroy its nuclear test site to strengthen diplomatic relations with South Korea and the United States.

After the last test

While dismantling these nuclear test tunnels located in the northern mountainous region of North Korea, no international observer was allowed to stay there.

Pyongyang’s nuclear testing center in north-eastern hill region of North Korea is Panggi-ri complex. Six nuclear tests have been conducted here since 2006.

Pangi-ri complex is North Korea’s nuclear test site, where there are tunnels under the Montep Mountains.

However, some scientists believe that this nuclear test site was partially demolished only after the final trial in September last year and was not worth the use.

What was seen in the test center

Nearly 20 selected international journalists were demolished in front of close to 6 tunnels. It is reported that two explosions were carried out in the morning and four in the afternoon.

Sky News journalists were present at the time of the blast at Tom Cheshire Tunnel. They told that the tunnel doors were in very bad condition and they were also closed with wire.

He said, “We traveled around 18 hours to reach the nuclear test site, which included 12 hours of train travel, a four-hour bus journey and a two-hour hill climb, after which when we reached a government hideout, From 500 meters we saw explosions in the sun. ”

Tom Cheshire said, “He counted guinea-one, two, three.” There was a big bang after that which we were seeing, and we could also feel the vibration, after the explosion, dust, its heat and The loud voice reached us near. “

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