Zuckerberg apologizes to the European Parliament, some MPs are not satisfied


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has apologized to the European Parliament about the role in the Cambridge Anilka Scandal and the spread of Fake News on its platform.

Zuckerberg expressed regret for the fact that Facebook’s tool was used to “harass”.

Cambridge Analycia is alleged to have received data of 8.7 million Facebook profiles for political campaigns. However, Cambridge Analyte incorrectly blames these allegations.

All members of the European Parliament are not satisfied with the Facebook CEO’s statement. Some believe that Zuckerberg did not answer his questions.

What is dissatisfaction with?

Damien Collins, head of the Digital Culture Media and Sports Committee of the British Parliament, said, “Unfortunately there was a formatting question that caused Zuckerberg to respond to his liking, and he did not answer at every single point. ”

This format was different from the testimonies given before the American public representatives in April.

US politicians could question-and-answer the head of Facebook, but politicians from different political groups of the European Parliament asked questions one by one.

First all questions were put together, after which Zuckerberg responded.

During this session, Zuckerberg took 22 minutes to answer many questions he asked, and he could choose which question to answer.

Many other politicians expressed frustration over this and one said that the founder of Facebook had deliberately demanded this format of testimony.

When the BBC contacted a Facebook spokesperson, it was said that they did not choose such a format. Later the president of the parliament, Atonio Taanye confirmed this.

Later in a press conference, Taeyani said that MPs knew that Zuckerberg had limited time, yet he spent more time talking about himself.

He also said that Zuckerberg Follow Up is ready to answer.

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