The first child born on the island of Brazil, after 12 years, island’s population is 3000

Brazilian island

For the first time in 12 years, a baby is born on Fernando de Noroná, the small island of Brazil. Although there was a ban on the birth of a baby on the island of 3000 people because there is no single birth center here. In addition to preventing the ecosystem from harming due to being home of rare creatures, there are also strict laws regarding population control.

If a woman wants to become a mother on this island, she has to leave the island and go to the city on the land about 370 kilometers away. The 22-year-old woman who broke the rule claimed that she was not aware of pregnancy. When a baby girl was born in the toilet of the house on Saturday, she was disappointed. Although this woman has already become a mother, she had to move away from her home. After the birth of the girl, she was admitted to the local hospital and the administration also confirmed the birth of the child.

Islands celebrating the joy:
Local people are also happy with the birth of a child born on the island for more than a decade. They are now engaged in mobilizing help for the family. Many people are offering clothes for the girl child.

Fernando di Norona, the home of rare creatures:
Fernando de Norono of Brazil is home to many rare creatures. The country’s most popular national sea park is located right here. Apart from dolphins, hawksil turtles and whales, rare birds can be seen. UNESCO has also rated World Heritage Site. This island is also quite popular in tourists. That is why staying here more expensive than many major cities of Brazil is more expensive. Rule has been made to limit the number of tourists on this island.

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