110 Dead In Cuba Crash, Two Days Of National Mourning Announces

110 Dead In Cuba Crash

Cuba confirmed Friday that 110 people were killed in an accident that took place shortly after flying from Havana Airport, in which 99 passengers were from Cuba. This is the biggest plane crash in the Caribbean island in nearly 30 years. After two days of national mourning since the accident in Cuba, the national flag will be bowled during this period. People killed in the accident are being identified. So far 15 people have been identified.

Officials told reporters in Havana airport yesterday that on Friday, three foreign tourists were also boarded in the crashing domestic plane, with two Argentineans and a Mexican passenger. The plane was flying for Holgan. The crew crew at the 40-year-old Boeing 737 aircraft was also killed, all of them were also killed. The head of the hospital said that three women seriously injured in the accident are undergoing treatment.

A pilot told about the plane crash in Havana, Cuban capital, that he had complained about the poor performance of Plane before, but at that time much attention was given to it. Marco Aurelio Hernandez told a Mexican newspaper, Millenio, that the Mexican company leasing the aircraft used to be under the supervision of Global Airplanes and was banned from flying in Chile. It flew without a radar in Venezuela at night.

Pilot told why plane crashes in Cuba, more than 100 people killed in the accident

He told that during 2005 and 2013, he flew all the three Boeing planes of the Global Air, one 39 years old aircraft crashed on Friday after flying from Havana airport.


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