10 Dead In Fierce Firing In Us School, In A Suspected Detention

10 Dead In Fierce Firing In Us School, In A Suspected Detention

Houston:  In a high school in the US state of Texas, on Friday, a student fired indiscriminately and killed ten people. Most of the people killed are students. The number of dead can increase. The event is located in Santa Fay High School, 50 kilometers from Houston. This is the 22nd incident of school firing in the current year.

After the incident, the demand for restricting the sale of uncontrolled guns once again has gripped the US. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez of Harris County has reported that most of the people killed were students. A security officer is also injured in the firing but he is out of danger. Many others are also injured. The town where the incident of firing has occurred, it belongs to Harris County. Sheriff told that two people have been arrested after the incident. One of these could be an attacking student.

The firing has stopped and the whole school is being searched intensively. It was feared that the attackers came with explosives. There is nothing like this at the moment. This is the third incident of school firing in the US in a week. It is 22nd firing incident in five months of the year. Meanwhile, 17 people were killed in February in Parkland High School in Florida in the most sensational disaster. After that, ten people have died in firing on Friday in Texas. According to eyewitnesses, the firing started on Friday as the firing started in school. A alarm alarm was heard, but nobody understood why they ran. Go to where the place was found, go and hide.

10 Dead In Fierce Firing In Us School, In A Suspected Detention
10 Dead In Fierce Firing In Us School, In A Suspected Detention

45 mins left after hiding

Jr. Liberty Wheeler (14), who was present in the classroom near the firing site, told that after listening to the five bullets running in the nearby art room, his teacher asked the students to flee. They ran away to the Theater Department’s store where they stayed for 45 minutes. Later the police commandos reached the team and took them out. School children and their guardians are scared after the incident.

President Donald Trump has expressed concern over the incident. He tweeted that firing at the school in Texas. The initial report is not good. May God keep mercy on everyone.

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