Bursted Volcanoes – Rise Higher Than The Himalayas, Fly At Such A Height

Bursted Volcanoes in America

Hawaii: A bomb exploded in the highly dangerous volcano Kalayu in Hawaii. The ash emanating from this volcanic eruption has sprung up to a height of about 30 thousand feet. It is so high that the airplanes fly and now many cities of ash and debris have started raining. Emergency declared here, residents have been warned to find a safe place.When the explosion happened …

The explosion took place on Thursday 4.17. According to the reports, this explosion was caused by steam pressure. Ashes and debris sprouted far from the height of Mount Everest. The altitude of Mount Everest is 8848 meters, but the ash emanated from Kilo’s explosion went up more than 9,000 meters.

Geologists had already warned that it could take a terrible form from rising ash inside it and it could explode at any time.

Ashes can spread for several kilometers
– According to information given by the air government, this ashes will now spread in the air for several kilometers, which will also affect the main tourist center here.

Advice to avoid ashes
– Geologists have issued another warning saying that people should run away from the ashes and avoid them as much as possible. A geologist said, find a new place as soon as possible to avoid ashes. If you are driving and if the ash falls on the path then do not go that way, it can be dangerous.

Red Alert for aircraft
After the explosion reached the height of 30 thousand feet, the aviation department issued red alert. According to the reports, this ash can enter the engines of airplanes and destroy it in a snap. In such a case the flights will remain closed for a few days.

Rescue Team With Mask
– The second biggest threat from the volcanic ash is the sulfur dioxide gas present in it. This gas is deadly. In this way Rescue teams have reached the National Highway 130 and 132 with masks to save people. People are also advised to keep wearing masks.

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