Plane Window Broken, Pilot Hang Out, Frustration

Plane Window Broken

Within hours of the flight of Tibet’s Sichuan Airlines plane, the cockpit window broke. Soon after, the co-pilots of the aircraft came in partially out of the cockpit and the aircraft became frantic. Meanwhile, the temperature inside the aircraft reached minus 40 degrees centigrade and inside, food and beverages were disintegrated.

According to reported to pilot Liu Chuanzhi, that the flight number 8633 left the South-West metropolis of Chongqing at about six and a half, and at 9 o’clock in the west was 1,500 miles away from Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. At the same time the windshield of the aircraft broke with the sound of loud noise. Pilot said in a video that during this time I saw that half of my co-pilot hanged from the window. Fortunately, he was wearing a seat belt. Seeing the rage in the travelers, they announced, do not panic, we will handle the situation.

After this successful flight landing of the aircraft within twenty minutes. Pilot Liu told that after this, I informed the air traffic control and followed his instructions, after which we got all the safe land. They said that I have been flying more than 100 times on this route, which I got the advantage.

Treatment Of Co-pilot Continues, Leave Remaining Passengers Leave

Sichuan Airlines said in a post on microblogging site Twitter like Twitter that 29 of the 119 passengers of the aircraft were sent to the hospital for health check-up. The co-pilot hanged from the window has been injured in the waist, which is currently undergoing treatment. He has also come across scratches in many places in the body. Other passengers have been discharged.

China Tells Pilot Hero

After the cockpit window breaks in southwest China, pilot pilot who made the plane’s landing safely, praised China as a hero. China said that the way pilot Liu Chuanzhi made the plane successfully landing in the twenty minutes at 800-900 kilometers per hour, it was extremely difficult.

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