Robot’s World’s First Surgery, Tumor Removed From The Spinal Cord

Robot's World's First Surgery,

Parnikoff’s surgery was done through Robot’s hospital in the University of Pennsylvania in the US. pernikoff had tumors in the middle of the spinal cord and the skull.

In the medical field, doctors had a big success when a surgery was done through the robot for the first time in the world. Indian origin assistant professor Neil Malhotra led a surgeon to remove the tumor from the patient’s neck with the help of a robot.

chordoma is a type of cancer that occurs between the scalp and the spinal cord. chordoma’s tumor gradually accepts seriousness. The special thing is that for many years it is not known about this.

Noa Pernikoff, 27, of America, was injured in a car accident in 2016. After recovering from minor injuries, one day suddenly a lot of pain started in his neck. After this X-ray was detected, there was a lot of injuries in the neck. These wounds were not related to the accident and were much more lethal than the injury they suffered.

After this, there was a biopsy of that place. After the biopsy, it was discovered that pernikoff had chordoma tumor in the neck. pernikoff said, “I am very lucky that they searched for it long ago. It is not possible to find the address quickly in many people and due to this early treatment cannot be possible. ”

Although surgery is the best choice for chordoma treatment, it was very difficult in case of Pernikoff. Therefore, the option to eliminate the tumor was started considering proton therapy.

By the way, chordoma is very few people. Every year one person is influenced by one in ten million people. In pernikoff’s case, its treatment was quite challenging. In August of the University of Pennsylvania, USA, Pernikoff underwent surgery through the robot. This surgery was done in three phases. Robots were used in the second stage of surgery.

In the first round, neurosurgeon cut the spinal cord near the tumor in the back of the patient’s neck so that the tumor could be removed from the mouth in the second stage. Through the use of surgical robots in the second phase, the doctor’s team cleared the part of the neck from its neck so that the tumor could be removed. In the third phase, the team fitted Pernikoff’s spinal cord to its first place. Nine months after the surgery, Pernikoff returned to work.

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