Afghanistan: Bombing In Kabul, Heavy Firing In The City

Afghanistan_ Bombing In Kabul, Heavy Firing In The City

There is news of three blasts in Afghanistan’s Kabul. According to the local agency ‘tollo news’, there were explosions in PD 13 and PD10 area of ​​the capital. The security force surrounds this area. Police extremists are encountering in the western part of Kabul city. This encounter is happening near a security hub.

Local media reports said that after the blasts, heavy firing was also done.
The first blast took place in Dasht-e-Barchi, located in PD6 of Kabul. After this there was firing here too. The PD13 Police headquarter is only a short distance from the spot.

Afghanistan Bombing In Kabul, Heavy Firing In The City
Afghanistan Bombing In Kabul, Heavy Firing In The City

Half an hour after the second explosion happened in PD10. At the moment, the police have confirmed the first blast. No terrorist organization has so far taken responsibility for it. Several other bomb blasts have been heard in other parts of the city.

Until the news was written, the information of any damage to janohal could not be ascertained. In recent months, the number of extremist attacks on high profile bases in the city of Kabul has increased. Most of these attacks have been arranged by the gunmen of the Taliban or the extremist organization called Islamic State.

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