Who Are Three Americans In North Korea Prisons?

Three Americans In North Korea Prisons

Three American nationals imprisoned in North Korea have been shifted to a hotel in Pyongyang. According to the news, now they are getting good food and medical facilities.

These three may be left before meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US president Donald Trump.

Trump Legal Adviser Rudy Giuliani has said that these three may be released today ie that on Thursday.

President Trump has also said that America is working hard for the freedom of its citizens.

Tony Kim was detained on charge of espionage.
Tony Kim was detained on charge of espionage.

Trump had tweeted this and said, “As everyone knows that the previous government tried to rescue these detainees from North Camp’s Labor camp but they did not succeed.”

It is a different matter that two of these three were arrested in 2017 after becoming President of Trump.

But despite Guilliani’s claims, the US State Department has not yet confirmed the news of the release of prisoners. A Foreign Ministry spokesman has said that the prisoner in North Korea is working for the release of its citizens.

But who are these three people whose waiting is waiting for America?

Donald Trump, Kim Jong ready to meet them
Donald Trump, Kim Jong ready to meet them

Kim Hak-Sung used to work in the science and technology of Pyongyang University. They were arrested on May 6, 2017, suspected of hostile action. According to reports, he was caught at Pyongyang Station.

Pyongyang University children of high-class people of North Korea are studying. It was founded by the Korean American Christian entrepreneur in 2010. Much of its expenditure comes from South Korea and American Christian charities.

It seems that many foreign teachers teach here

According to Reuter, Kim Hak-Sung tells himself as a Christian missionary who wanted to open a farm in Pyongyang.

It is said that Kim was born in China and had gone to the United States in the 1990s. After that, he also studied agricultural science in China. After this he started working in Pyongyang University.

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