US Military Plane Crashes In Georgia, 9 Killed

US Military Plane Crashes In Georgia, 9 Killed

A military cargo plane carrying 9 soldiers in the US was burnt to death because of the fire. Officers said that it had completed its last flight before postponing the operation of the much-delayed aircraft.

The C-130 ‘Hercules’ carrier, which departed from Puerto Rico Air National Guard on Wednesday, crashed at around 9 o’clock in the night at the international time near Savannah Airport.

US Military Plane Crashes In Georgia, 9 Killed
US Military Plane Crashes In Georgia

The images shows that the plane is falling from the height and after the explosion, it has turned into a fireball.

The officers had earlier told that five members of the crew aboard the plane have died, but later it was revealed that other people were also in the plane.

Puerto Rico National Guard spokesman Major Paul Dellen said, “We confirm the flight of nine people in the plane.” Of these, five were crew members and four were passengers. He told that the other four passengers were also military members. Dellen did not confirm the death of all the nine people at the moment, but said that the pictures of the accident themselves are telling the story itself.

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