Data Leak Case: Twitter Also Sold Data To Cambridge Analytics


After Facebook, another social media company Twitter is also stuck in a related data scam related to Cambridge analytics. According to the media report, Alexander Kogan, who created tools for Cambridge analytics, bought data from the microblogging website in 2015.

Kogan founded Global Science Research (GSR). This unit would get Twitter statistics Kogan says that he used this information only to prepare a brand report and for Survey Extender Tools and did not breach the Twitter policies. It has been said in the report that Kogan purchased Twitter tweets, user names, photos, profile pictures and destination related data from December 2014 through April 2015. Earlier, Cambridge Analytica came under controversy for using about 80 million Facebook users without using the data.

Most tweets were public
It has been said in the report that most tweets were public. Twitter firms and organizations charge fees to collectively collect them. After Facebook fails to protect the privacy of its users, social media companies are in deep scrutiny. Companies like Twitter have fewer personal information than Facebook.

No relation with Cambridge Analytica: Twitter
A Twitter spokeswoman on the allegations said that the micro-blogging site has no relation to Cambridge analytics. Even the Twitter Analytica does not place any advertising site in the site. The site has taken this decision because of anti-policy activities of Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analycia spokesman said that the company used Twitter only for political advertisements. Analytica claimed that she never shared a project with GSR to share Twitter data, nor did the company get any data from GSR.

Zuckerberg had mistaken
Earlier this month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged his mistake and said that 8.7 million user data was improperly given to Cambridge Analyst.

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