Two Explosions In Kabul, 20 Killed And 30 Injured

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Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, was hit by two blasts on 30 April 2018 Monday morning. So far 20 people have been killed and also over 30 injured has been confirmed in the two blasts. The first explosion happened at 8 o’clock in the local time when a bikswar suicide bomber blew himself out of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) department. After 20 minutes, there was a second explosion on the same spot, but till then the rescue workers and journalists had reached there. As per to the sources , more peoples were killed in second blast, most of them are media workers and NDS employees.

As per to sources, the death of a photographer of AFP has also been confirmed. All these journalists were present at the spot to report the first blast, only then the second blast happened. At the moment, no organization has taken responsibility for the blast. A Kabul police spokesman said that this blast was a suicide attack. Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish has also confirmed the attack.

Let us know that 60 people died in the blast near the Voter Registration Center in Kabul last week. Security officials had warned of more attacks in view of the general elections going to be held in the country in October.

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