Knife Attack:Seven Students Stabbed To Death In China

Knife Attack In China

An attacker killed seven students outside a school in Shaanxi province of China. 12 other students were injured in a knife attack, there are five students and two students in the dead.

The police have taken the suspected assailant into custody.

According to officials, this incident is near a secondary school in Miza County. All the students were returning home from school.

According to the Chinese police officials, the suspected assailant’s surname is Zhao and he was an alumnus of the same school. His age has been described as 28 years.

Knife Attack In China
Knife Attack In China

According to sources Stephen Mcdonalds, the initial investigation has revealed that when a suspected attacker was a student of a third year (the average age of students in this class is 13 to 14 years), then he was troubled and wanted to take revenge.

Between 2010 and 2012, at least 25 people died in attacks in schools and more than 100 were injured.

In March 2015, three people were convicted of the attack on the Kunming station and they were sentenced to death. 29 people were killed in the attack.

 29 people were killed in the attack.
29 people were killed in the attack

In July 2017, two people were killed and nine were injured in an attack in Shenzhen’s supermarket.

In February this year, an attacker in the capital, Beijing attacked a woman with a knife and killed a woman. 12 others were injured in this attack.

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