Attack in Toronto: Eight women among the 10 killed

Toronto Attack

Were women targeted? On Monday, April 23, the driver of the Van Vehicle in Toronto killed eight women and two men. This was announced Friday, April 27, the police of the Canadian metropolis. In a Facebook post just before his attack, Alek Minassian was referring to the Incels, a community that defines itself as “unintentional singles”.

The victims of the van, who entered the crowd in the middle of the day, were aged between 22 and 94, and two of them were of foreign origin, from South Korea and Jordan, announced at a press conference the Toronto Police. In addition to the 10 dead, 16 others were injured, according to a revised report.

10 Deceased Victims Of Toronto Van Attack
10 Deceased Victims Of Toronto Van Attack

The first elements of the investigation, including the discovery of an “enigmatic message” posted by the suspect on Facebook, suggest a track: the resentment towards women, fed by a community of singles with radical ideas. The deep hatred of women expressed by netizens claiming themselves as Incense sometimes flickers in the apology for violence.

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