Floods in Israel: 9 Teenagers Die On Hiking

Floods in Israel

Jerusalem: 9 teenagers died in the floods in Israel and one is missing. On Thursday, when he was hiking near Dead Sea, the waves of flood took him away.

According to officials, two injured have been admitted to the hospital and 13 were taken safely by the rescue teams.

9 Teenagers Die On Hiking
9 Teenagers Die On Hiking

Large number of police, fire brigades and army personnel have been set up to look for the missing person. They were in the group of about 23 boys and girls of Kishore Pre Army School, who went for hiking in Jafit Wadi that floods were there. A spokesman for Soroka hospital in Birshebaa said that about 15 youths have been rescued while some are seriously injured. This rescue operation includes three helicopters of Yasur army, two Blackhawk helicopters, one Apache and special army unit 669 rescue workers.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described it as a serious disaster. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said on Twitter, Israel is bereaved at the death of young people.

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