Los Angeles: These Special Robots Made For Locating Marine Life

Special Robots Made For Locating Marine Life

Scientists have developed a transparent and new type of robot that looks like a fish that can swim in silken water without any electric motor.

For the robot to advance himself, the engineers and marine biologists of the US University of California have used artificial muscles filled with water.

The longer the size of the foot, the robot is actually transparent and it is connected to an electronic board on the surface.

The construction of this robot is an important step in the direction of the future, where these benign robots can swim with the fish and invertebrates (without spinal organisms) or without disturbing them.

karen Swicks

Karen covers all things animals here at WNL. Previously, Karen was a House leadership reporter for Roll Call, and a legislative action reporter for CQ. When Karen isnt busy wriing about the odd world of animals, she can usually be found on her hobby farm in North Eastern Ontario..

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