Iran: Former Leader Raza Shah Mummified Body Found

A mummy has been found near Tehran in Iran’s capital. It is being told that its ‘greater likelihood’ is that it can be the father of the last Shah of Iran.

The remains of this Mami were found on Monday in the southern part of Tehran during the construction of a religious place named Shahar-e-Re.

The kind of photographs and news reports that are being broadcasted on the Internet are very strong in the estimation that it can be of Mami Raza Shah Pahlavi.

His statue is only in Shahar-e Re, but after the 1979 revolution it was destroyed but the remains of his body were not found.

Raza Pahlavi, who is considered to be his grandson and opposition leader, has said that it is very likely that he belongs to Mami Raza Shah. Raza Pahlavi is currently living in the USA.

In a statement issued on Twitter, he has urged the Iranian administration to let the trusted doctors associated with the family be allowed to see that mummy and to arrange them in Burhan proper manner.

He said, “It should not be the father or the king of modern Iran but he was a simple soldier and servant of his country and his people.” There should be a grave for Raza Shah, which all Iranians can know about. ”

Former Leader Raza Shah Mummified Body
Former Leader Raza Shah Mummified Body

Pahlavi also dismissed reports that the Pahlavi family had already transferred the relics of Raza Shah.

The Chairman of the Cultural Heritage Committee of Tehran said on Monday from the semi-official ISNA news agency that it is ‘possible’ that the body is related to the former leader but there is a dispute between some media groups in Iran.

It is not clear where Mami is.

Who was Raza Shah?

Shah was a military leader who had plotted in 1921. The Pahlavi dynasty was founded by Raza Shah, the dynasty that ruled Iran from 1925 to 50 years.

They are credited with spreading the influence of modernity in Iran. However, he is also criticized for attacks on religion and alleged human rights violations.

Under pressure from British and Russian forces, he had to step down for his son, but three years later, in 1944, he died in exile in South Africa.

Initially, his body was buried in Egypt by making mummies, but after a few years, his body was brought to Iran.

In 1979 his son Mohammed Raza Shah’s power was overthrown and Raza Shah’s tomb was destroyed.

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