At Bitcoin Center, Believers Keep Hope In Cryptocurrency

bicoin center

Southeast of Manhattan in New York, the most loyal Bitcoin followers want to continue to believe in the bright future of cryptocurrency, despite a recent fall in prices and a slowing of the popular craze.

“Two months ago we could not breathe here. There were so many people that we had to leave people out, “says Nick Spanos, founder of the 2013 Bitcoin Center, a back room of a Ukrainian restaurant in the East Village neighborhood serving as a camp. base to the followers of this motto.

On this Thursday in April, a few hundred enthusiasts are there to exchange bitcoins via smartphone brokerage applications, enjoy the free buffet, or listen to the good word of “guru” Nick Spanos.

To re-motivate the troops that could demoralize the plunge of the courts, this former consultant of the American senator libertarian Ron Paul attacks the microphone to the journalists.

At Bitcoin Center, Believers Keep Hope In Cryptocurrency
At Bitcoin Center, Believers Keep Hope In Cryptocurrency

But his pet peeve is Jamie Dimon, CEO of the bank, JPMorgan Chase, who dubbed buyers of bitcoins as “stupid” before backtracking.

In front of an acquired audience, he presents the banker, whose name is booed, like an ominous bird. It’s a matter of getting bogged down when the virtual currency is going through a difficult period. After tutelage the $ 20,000 in mid-December, bitcoin lost almost one-third of its value and moved Friday to $ 7,889, according to figures compiled by Bloomberg.

The volumes traded fell by half between mid-December and the beginning of April, all platforms combined, according to

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