Animal Services of Huntsville Offer Free Adoptions At Tax Week

Animal Services of Huntsville Offer

Huntsville, Alabama- Tax alleviation of a exceptional kind is accessible, April 16, Monday through April 21, Saturday by Huntsville Alabama Animal services.

The refuge is offering free pet adoption throughout Tax Week. On the safe haven asks for you to take benefits on your all Tax savings as well as either undertake a cat or canine at no rate.

The town stated in the news launch that adopted families will get hold of a free bags of cat or dog meals, while elements remaining. every adoption is also includes an identical amenities same as normal adoption package deal: spay, microchip, neuter surgical procedure or rabies vaccination, and dog coronary feline leukemia/FIV or heart-worm test.

The Huntsville Animals refuge is placed at 4950 Triana street. Hours are (MWTF) i.e. Monday and Wednesday and Thursday & Friday time is at 9AM to 5PM., on Tuesday at 9AM. to 6PM, & on Saturday at 9AM to a 3PM.

Also you can contact 256-883-3783 with any other questions.

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