Rare Winston Churchill painting of BC lake sells for $87000

A damaged, mislabelled, but painted painting by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was sold for $ 87,000, about six times more expensive than the asking price.

The work represents Lake Emerald in the Rockies. The statesman painted the body of water near Field, British Columbia, during a visit to the Canadian Rockies in 1929.

However, it was wrongly inscribed on the work that it was Lake Louise.

The painting auctioned by Sotheby’s was sold for $ 87,267, which is much more expensive than the estimates of $11,023 to $14,698.

A Calgary historian is not surprised by the price at which the work sold. “Yes, it’s damaged, but it’s the real person, the real thing. It’s a good topic for discussion in a multi-million dollar castle with a lake view somewhere, “says David Finch.

Winston Churchill gave the canvas to one of his bodyguards, Edmund Murray. It is one of the relatives of the latter who put the painting on sale.

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