12-meter long root removed from storm drain in Osoyoos

Workers took 2 hours to remove, centimeter by centimeter, a 12-meter long root blocking a storm sewer at Osoyoos in southern British Columbia.

“It looked like an alien or something. It was really weird,” said David Wilchynski, who has been in the plumbing business for 35 years. He maintains that he had never seen anything so “jurassic”.

Once released, the 20-centimeter-diameter willow root weighed at least 226 kilograms.

We fought this anaconda for two hours.

Grant McCulloch, Property Manager, Village on the Lake

The root is 12 m long and weighs 226 kg. Photo: Grant McCulloch
The root is 12 m long and weighs 226 kg. Photo: Grant McCulloch

Grant McCulloch, a real estate manager at Village on the Lake, said everyone was amazed by the size of this root. According to him, the sewer in this sector has been repressed after heavy rains. He thought at first that sand or a dead animal was blocking the duct.

According to Mr. McCulloch, the work to extract the root has been tiring.

Lisa Adams

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