67-year-old did more than 5,000 sit-ups in one hour

A resident of Memramcook, New Brunswick, did the feat of doing more than 5,000 sit-ups in one hour.

Roger LeBlanc, 67, has always done this kind of exercise, especially in winter. One day, he wanted to beat the Guinness record in this area.

“Over the years, when I was 60, I was curious, I thought I would try to see how much I could do. Eventually, I [checked] with the world of Guinness. There, I saw that the record was over 3000 in an hour. I started to train more and more. There, I saw that I could do it, “explains Mr. LeBlanc.

“For years and years, I was doing 1,000 to 1,500 a week. I think that after a momentum, it’s more mental than anything. When you get to a certain point, you say, “I can do that, I can go to the next level.” That’s what motivated me when I saw the world record, “said Roger LeBlanc.

On March 12, he made over 5,000 sit-ups in one hour. His performance took place in front of the students and staff of École Abbey-Landry.

During the time I was doing it, I heard the students. When they said I was going to a certain number, everyone applauded. It was encouraging. It gave me an emotion and [the desire] to do more.

Roger LeBlanc

Physical education teacher Bobby Dupuis invited him to École Abbey-Landry. He has known for a long time the athletic talent of Mr. LeBlanc.

“I knew all my life that he was fit, but to see that he can do a feat like that, more than 5000 adjustments, it’s incredible,” says Dupuis.

His record will not be approved, however. “There are several methods. Mine is probably unique. […] It is for this reason that the world of Guinness, when I approached them to have this record, they said that they did not do it any more because everyone has [his own] method to do it, “says Roger LeBlanc.

If anyone ever had to do more sit-ups in an hour and age, Roger LeBlanc would be happy to meet this person. “I’d like to see that, yes, certainly,” he laughs.

Ruth Karpenter

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