McDonald’s reverses its famous logo to mark Women’s Rights Day

The head of a McDonald’s restaurant in California made the decision to mark International Women’s Rights Day by returning the famous M of the brand to become a W, like women , in English.

The operation of the Lynwood franchise restaurant has not failed to react in California and on social networks. He will however be the only one to wear the W instead of the M.

In the process, the brand decided to turn its logo on the social networks for the day, in addition to providing a hundred restaurants employee outfits and special packaging for the occasion.

Brand Diversity Manager Wendy Lewis took the opportunity to point out that “for the first time in [their] history, [they] decided to overthrow [their] iconic iconic arches for International Women’s Rights Day to celebrate the extraordinary success of women, especially in [their] restaurants “.

It ensures that “the brand is committed to their success”. McDonald’s said in a statement that six out of ten managers are women in its US restaurants.

Jeff Conars

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