44-year-old fetus

Just when you thought news couldn’t get any stranger, it has. Reports out of Brazil give us a report so baffling, it seems like something out of a science-fiction novel.

An 84-year old complained of stomach pains when she visited her doctor. A check-up found that something extraordinary lurked in her insides. The discovery was a 44-year old fetus that had been dead there since it was between 20 to 28 weeks old.

The baby had been calcified, a phenomenon known in medical terms as a lithopedion. Essentially, it is a rare condition in which the baby dies during an abdominal pregnancy but is too large to be absorbed by the body. This causes it to calcify.

According to reports, the elderly woman carrying the baby thought that it had been aborted several years earlier by a witch doctor. The baby stopped living and moving at a very young age, but the baby remained inside of her. The 44-year old fetus, long dead and lifeless, was outside of the uterus and a ‘stone baby’.

What seems to make the story even stranger, the woman apparently doesn’t want the stone baby removed, despite the stomach pains that were the reasons she visited the doctor.

Ruth Karpenter

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