Mississippi Couple Film UFO On Trail Cam

Jackson County, Mississippi – You would think that with a wide open world, alien life from a distant planet would be far more interested in observing the innumerable towns and cities that dot this planet. However, they seem to have a fixation on cervidae or deer. That is, if the photographs from Rainer and Edith Shattles is any indication. The couple have cameras which reportedly caught images of a UFO hovering over their 150 acre plot of land.

On February 16, Mr. Shattles recorded what appeared to be headlights from a vehicle on their property in the direction of deer free roaming their land. At one point, the headlights were illuminating the area about the deer. However, their night cameras, which are mounted to the surrounding trees, are infrared and do not radiate light. Also, what was odd is that the lights were well above the flat ground. There also appears to be some object drawing closer to the deers. It then flies off to the left of the camera. Another object also appears with similar headlights and it too eventually appears to fly off.

The following morning, Mr. Shattles explored the area and found no sign of tire tracks. Bear in mind, there are no roads on that open field of his property. The images were taken using what are called trail cameras. The cameras have become quite popular in recent years, but they are not known for good resolution and can distort images both in size and shape. For example, it is possible for a raccoon to scurry across the field periphery of a trail camera and given the right nighttime conditions have the appearance of being a panther. While the images taken by the Shattles are interesting indeed, the likely cause of them is something of a terrestrial nature as opposed to extra-terrestrial.


Jeff Conars

Jeff holds the in Philosophy from the University of Waterloo and the Doctorat en Théologie from the Université de Strasbourg, France. Jeff has taught in departments of religion, philosophy, and health sciences, including the Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto. Along with his teaching, research, and writing responsibilities, from 1999-2007, he also served as the Clinical Ethicist for Grand River Hospital in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario.

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