London Fire Brigade Called for Spider On Pillow?

he London Fire Brigade recently released some of the strange reasons people are dialing ‘999’ to the public.

The control room has heard everything from “there’s a fox in my garden,” to “there’s a bat in my kitchen.”

In fact, the Brigade reports that they get around 100 unnecessary calls a week with the common theme being animals and creepy crawlies.

Among some of the more humorous call was the elderly women who phoned in to request the firefighters come help her retrieve her false teeth. She had forgotten they were in the water-filled glass that she threw at a couple of fighting canines.

Senior Officer Dave Brown had some advice for the public, “If it’s not an emergency, don’t ring 999. We are here to respond to real emergencies.”

The LFB hopes to dial down the number of non-emergency calls they each month by encouraging people to call the RSPCA if they have an unwanted animal intruder in their home or to contact a friend or neighbor if they are dealing with a phobia.

The RSPCA is a leading animal welfare charity in the UK. They specialize in animal rescue and preventing animal cruelty.

Lisa Adams

Lisa is an independent writer and former social policy researcher. She writes on food, agriculture and geopolitics As a reporter for WNL, Lisa covers science and environmental stories.. Originally from the UK, Lisa has spent many years in India where she has written for various publications, most notably the Bangalore-based Deccan Herald for 10 years.

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