Kidnapped 10-Year-Old Saved by Singing

Willie Myrick, a 10 year old boy who was kidnapped from his home in Atlanta Georgia has returned to his family – but this kidnapping story doesn’t go the way most of them do. Young Willie was released by his kidnapper because he got on the kidnapper’s nerves by singing gospel songs for over 3 hours after being snatched from his driveway.

Willie was playing with his pet dog in his driveway on March 31 when a stranger approached him in a car, and with the offer of money was able to get young Willie close enough to the vehicle go pull him in. After grabbing him, Willie says that the man cursed at him and told him to not say a word – promising that if the boy told anyone that he would hurt him “in a bad way”.

Willie responded in the only way he knew how, by singing one of his favorite gospel songs, “Ever Praise”, by Hezekiah Walker. Willie continued to sing this song for three hours non stop until finally the kidnapper had enough – kicking the 10 year old to the curb at East Point, telling the child not to tell anyone about what had just happened.

Of course, Willie told his parents, and now his story is spreading like wildfire – his church even decided to hold a celebration for his birthday. The singer of his favorite gospel song, and the one that saved his life also attended, saying that he truly believed that God spoke through the words of his song in order to save Willie.

Sadly however, the kidnapper has not yet been found – though a description has been provided to the police and they are distributing that information. Anyone with possible leads is being encouraged to provide them.

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